True circus vibes under the stars of Sicilian summer nights. Two cleaning ladies start quarrelling on the circus ring, so that water falls all over the ground. A clumsy juggler tries to stick a feather in his red nose. A second juggler, a very serious one indeed, throws his diablo over the lemon trees; his not so elegant assistant trips over it. Then a magician appears. He makes a spectator rise in the air, he saws a lady in two. The trick is there, and you can see it. Music keeps playing. A flame the size of a rose rises from the mouth of the ringmaster, the curtains dance gently with the wind. It smells of jasmine flowers .
Circo Zimpum pitched its tent for the first time in 1998. Ten years later a good last show was created, before its ringmaster decided to go on new adventures. Inspired by the legendary Moira Orfei, Circo Zimpum is first of all my personal dream of a circus in its simplest form.

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