Born in Sicily in 1991, I am a graduate of master's studies in Dramaturgy from Aarhus University (Denmark) and Freie Universität Berlin.
In Denmark I was introduced to the actors of the Odin Teatret through seminars and work demonstrations. This left an important mark on my future approach to theatre. In Berlin I began my acting training under the direction of Mina Tinaburri (Atelier für Physisches Theater), Haitham Assem Tantawy (SINAI Orchestral Theatre), Ryszard Nieoczym (Imaginal Theatre), Peter Rose and Federico Schwindt (Tatwerk Berlin).
After taking part in the performance project Tracce led by Anne Zénour in 2017, I joined her Siena-based theatre group TEATRO DELLA PIOGGIA. Under the mentorship of Anne Zénour, I dedicated myself to daily physical and vocal training as well as to a meticulous study of writings, primarily by Jerzy Grotowski. For TEATRO DELLA PIOGGIA I directed the workshops Childhood of a Magician and La trace du désert, held in Paris throughout Autumn 2019.
My artistic work embraces three paths meeting each other along the way: the search for my craft of acting, the development of an art of directing, the practice of writing.